CRT enforcement of 14-day rule post lockdown

We have been informed that CRT will be expecting a gradual return to 14-day movement after 2nd December, which means that they expect all boats to have moved from where they are now by 16th December 2020. CRT’s Customer Support Manager: Licence Support (ie enforcement manager) Matthew Aymes said:

“From the 2nd, everyone’s mooring clock will ‘reset’ so the majority will have 14 days until they need to move on. We’re again asking anyone with specific needs or issues to contact their LSO [Licence Support Officer, ie enforcement officer] and we’ll be as sensitive as we can to issues whilst trying to ensure the sharing of access and adherence to government guidance.

For boaters within or currently bordering Tier 3 areas, in line with Government advice to avoid travelling into or out of these areas, we are advising boaters to boat within their area and we will take this into account when reviewing movement patterns.

Hopefully this steady approach, which will allow people to move immediately if they want to on the 2nd, will mean that no facilities are over-subscribed as movement begins. Of course, we’ll be asking boaters to use common sense and be considerate but hopefully we will have a similarly successful return to cruising as last time”.

All of the K&A is in Tier 2, but Bristol is in Tier 3. See

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2 Responses to “CRT enforcement of 14-day rule post lockdown”

  1. Steve Drew MonsterID Icon Steve Drew says:

    I live in Bristol but my boat is in Bath. The advice is avoid travelling to other parts of the UK so please can you advise, should I move my boat as you want or not travel to it as the government want?

    • Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

      Just to be clear Steve, it’s not us who is saying you should move your boat, it is CRT. In your situation we would suggest that you contact CRT in writing and explain that it is reasonable in the circumstances for you not to move your boat because Government advice is not to travel in or out of a Tier 3 area. The person to contact would be Matthew Preston, Licence Support Officer (ie enforcement officer) for the K&A –