CRT plans phased return to navigation from 13th May

CRT has announced a phased return to navigation in England with short day trips permitted from 13th May 2020. From 23rd May, enforcement of the 14-day rule will resume and visitor moorings will revert to summer time limits. By 6th June boaters without a home mooring should have resumed movement every 14 days. The exception to this is liveaboards who need to shield or self-isolate, who will continue to be able to stay longer in one place if this is reasonable in the circumstances – as we are entitled to under Section 17 3 c ii of the British Waterways Act 1995; we recommend that you inform CRT.

CRT anticipates that its waterways in England will reopen in full on 1st June but leisure boaters will still be unable to stay on their boats overnight and should return to their home mooring (if they have one) after day trips. Wales is still in full lockdown so only essential boat movement is permitted on the Welsh canals.

Social distancing remains in force across all waterways, with boaters reminded to stay at least 2 metres from other people who are not part of their household; this also applies to angling, canoeing, paddleboarding and rowing which have resumed.

See the latest information from CRT here:

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