CRT rubbish collection by boat, this Tues 16th November, Bath to Bradford on Avon

On Tuesday 16th November 2021 from 10am to 3pm CRT will be running a second rubbish collection by boat between Bath and Bradford on Avon. If you have any bulky items such as mattresses, barrels of oil, waste from boat fit-outs etc, just give them a shout as they pass. They will also be doing some litter picking as they go. CRT aims to provide this service every 3 months. The first CRT rubbish collection by boat took place on 17th August. Two workboats travelled from Bath and Bradford on Avon to Dundas, collecting rubbish from boaters, and from the water and towpath as they went.

Boaters obviously cannot use Councils’ bulky rubbish collections, and are prevented by either lack of transport or lack of proof of local residence from using local authority household recycling centres.

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CRT staff and volunteers collecting rubbish on 17th August

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