CRT suspends 14-day rule in November Covid-19 lockdown

CRT has suspended enforcement of the 14-day rule between 5th November and 2nd December 2020 due to the Government announcement of a Covid-19 lockdown from Thursday 5 November. The Government has said that non-essential travel should be avoided, and overnight stays will be limited to work purposes only. This means only essential boat movements will be permitted, such as to fill up with water etc. Leisure boaters and others who do not live aboard will not be able to stay overnight on their boats or visit them unless the visit is for essential safety purposes such as to secure a boat that is on a flooding river. Until Thursday 5th November, the K&A is open for cruising, subject to Government guidance. Currently all areas of the K&A, River Avon and River Kennet to Reading are in Tier 1 areas of medium risk, and no special restrictions apply apart from the ‘rule of six’, social distancing and face coverings.

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