Hire boats for Burbage Wharf?

It appears that the historic Burbage Wharf is likely to become a second K&A hire boat base for Oxfordshire Narrowboats, who already run hire boats from Bradford Wharf. There are two permanent moorings at Burbage Wharf and we understand that the company is seeking CRT’s permission for two more. We believe that the property was sold to Oxfordshire Narrowboats for almost £1.5 million by the Crown Estate in 2013.

Burbage, on the summit pound of the canal, is a place where the water level can fluctuate considerably. We do not know what assessment has been done of the impact of hire boats using the summit pound frequently or the effect on water levels of increased lockage on the Crofton flight, which is prone to wide variations in water levels and drained pounds.

The replica wooden crane at the wharf is the last surviving example of seventeen cranes along the K&A. The first replica crane at Burbage was built in 1978 from softwood; it deteriorated and in 2008-2012 K&A Trust volunteers made a second replica from oak.



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