If you didn’t receive a census form…

If you haven’t had a census form you can write to Glen Watson, Census Director, 2011 Census, Office for National Statistics, Government Buildings, Cardiff Road, NEWPORT, Gwent NP10 8XG and ask for one to be delivered to an address of your choice or to a place such as a library for you to collect. The number of people living on boats has never been properly counted so filling it in would help. You can also ring the Census helpline on 0300 0201 101.

Last week, a boater complained that the census office said that forms could not be sent to “mailboxes” or non-residential addresses, and as a result the page below appeared on the census web site


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One Response to “If you didn’t receive a census form…”

  1. Sue MonsterID Icon Sue says:

    I have a blog that has all the info for getting a census form, having said that a guy with a badge was wandering along the towpath with blank forms handing them out to boaters in my area.. Strange they didn’t do it down your way.. anyway take a look at the guide..