Julian House to provide Covid-19 tests for people with no address and no transport

The Julian House Travelling Communities Support Service is now able to provide Covid-19 tests for liveaboard boaters without transport AND without an address. Up to now, there was no provision of tests to people who could not drive to a drive-in test site or get one sent to them by post.If you need to take a test, either because you have Covid-19 symptoms or you have been told to by the NHS track and trace service to get tested, please get in contact with Carla or Emily at Julian House:

If you’ re between Hanham and Dundas: Emily Souter Johnson, 07946 200271 or emily.souterjohnson@julianhouse.org.uk

If you’re in Wiltshire: Carla Boardman, 07539 926809 or carla.boardman@julianhouse.org.uk

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