K&A boaters action group next meet 14th October, Bradford on Avon

Around 100 boaters attended the meetings to discuss, ask and answer questions about the CRT consultation on the proposed Towpath Mooring Plan for the K&A between Bath and Devizes. The K&A boaters action group, which organised the meetings, is having its next meeting on Monday 14th October in Bradford on Avon. Please contact info@boatingcommunity.org.uk or 07928 078208 if you want to come. Many people at the recent meetings said they were interested in helping to promote and defend the boating community on the K&A; they will also be notified individually of the meeting. The action group will be planning how to follow up the meetings about the consultation, among other things. The boaters action group meets on the second Monday of each month in different places along the K&A.


If you have any questions about the consultation and you want to talk to other boaters about it, contact the email address or number above. Paper copies of the Towpath Mooring Plan and the Consultation Questionnaire are available at The Raft cafe boat in Bathampton; the Lock Inn below Bradford lock; the K&A Trust cafes at Caen Hill and Devizes Wharf; the K&A Trust cafe at the Stone Building, Newbury and the K&A Trust cafe at Aldermaston just east of the lift bridge.

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To read the Towpath Mooring Plan see http://kanda.boatingcommunity.org.uk/local-mooring-strategy-finalised/

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