K&A boaters action group next meet 8th August, Honey Street

The next meeting of the K&A boaters action group will be on Monday August 8th 2016 at 7.30pm in Honey Street.Please come to the meeting if you need any information about ‘restricted’ 6-month licences; licence renewal; communications from CRT or generally about CRT’s enforcement against boaters without home moorings. The group will also be discussing the recently-discovered moves to discourage boaters from mooring at Wilcot by preventing car parking, and the follow-up to the meeting between CRT’s Richard Parry, Michelle Donelan MP, local Councillors, head teachers, and boaters.

The boaters action group aims to defend and promote the boating community on the K&A. It meets on the second Monday of every month in different places along the canal. Please contact info@boatingcommunity.org.uk or 07928 078208 if you want to come. We hope to see you there.


Photo: fanny’sphotography


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