K&A Boaters’ Action Group next meeting 11th June, Wilcot

The K&A Boaters’ Action Group’s next meeting is on Monday 11th June 2018 at 7.30pm at the Golden Swan, Wilcot SN9 5NN, a short walk across the green from Wilcot bridge (117). All are welcome.

The meeting aims to collect feedback on Wiltshire Council’s report on its 2017 survey of liveaboard boaters which is now open to consultation and comments. Please comment by 29th June 2018 either by email to spatialplanningpolicy@wiltshire.gov.uk or contact the Spatial Planning Team on 01225 713223. Paper copies of the survey report will be available at the meeting.

To download the survey see http://kanda.boatingcommunity.org.uk/please-comment-on-wiltshire-council-liveaboard-boaters-survey-report-by-29th-june/

Your comments will help to shape the Council’s approach to planning for the accommodation needs for residential boaters. If you wish to speak to a Council officer about the survey please contact the Spatial Planning Team on 01225 713223.

The meeting also aims to plan how to challenge CRT’s proposal to address “the significant growth in demand from boats without a home mooring in key locations, to fairly reflect the benefit experienced by those boaters without a home mooring in London and other highly popular locations”. Bath is listed by CRT as another of the “highly popular locations”.

This basically threatens a re-run of the discredited local mooring strategies. CRT’s proposal was announced in the final report on the year-long review of boat licensing. This would affect a large number of liveaboards on the K&A and beyond.
See http://kanda.boatingcommunity.org.uk/licence-review-outcome-threatens-return-of-discredited-local-mooring-strategies/

Please also come to the meeting if you need any information about CRT enforcement against boaters without home moorings or if you need advice about CRT enforcement letters, texts or emails.

The Boaters’ Action Group aims to defend and promote the boating community on the K&A. Please contact info@boatingcommunity.org.uk or 07928 078208. We look forward to seeing you on 11th June.

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