K&A volunteers to step down as boat movement resumes

The volunteer scheme supporting liveaboard boaters on the western K&A through the Coronavirus lockdown is ending when enforcement of boat movement every 14 days resumes this week, because the full volunteering scheme will be too challenging with boats coming and going daily. The red, amber and green signalling system will not be monitored from now on.

The ‘Pay it Forward’ fuel boat scheme and fruit and vegetable box deliveries will continue to run for a while longer and so will the welfare benefits surgery for boaters.

The Julian House Travelling Communities Support Service who organised the scheme are still available to support any liveaboard boaters who are continuing to shield on medical grounds or who need to self-isolate due to Covid-19 symptoms. Anyone else who needs extra help can contact the Julian House team.

If you are between Hanham and Bradford on Avon, you can contact Alice on 07960 097719 or Emily on 07946 200271. If you are east of Bradford on Avon or on or near the Long Pound, contact Carla on 07539 926809.

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Covid Support for K&A Boaters and Travellers


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