Lee Consultation – breaking news

The consultation is published here;

British Waterways Consultations

With a closing date 7 weeks away from the date of publishing, yet another illegal act by BW.

WIth this choice gem of disinformation;

To qualify for a boat licence (as laid out in the 1995 British Waterways Act) a boat must have a ‘home mooring’ – somewhere where it may lawfully be kept when not being used for cruising. An exception is made for boats which hold a ‘continuous cruiser’ licence, which requires them to genuinely move around the waterway network without mooring in any one place for more than 14 days. Some boats on our canals and rivers, and in this particular area, hold a continuous cruiser licence but are moving only limited distances, if at all, and mooring in just a few locations.

Prizes are available for the person who finds the most lies in the above paragraph.

And who has made the FOI request for the evidence for this statement?

The plan has been drafted in response to… …the concern raised by other waterway users

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3 Responses to “Lee Consultation – breaking news”

  1. paul biddy MonsterID Icon paul biddy says:

    Andrew. To properly reflect the law, the paragraph should read:

    ‘To qualify for a pleasure boat licence or a houseboat certificate as laid out in section 17.3.c.i and 17.3.c.ii of the 1995 BW Act, the Board must be satisfied that a mooring OR ANY OTHER PLACE… will be available or… the applicant satisfies the Board that the vessel will be used bona fide (in good faith) for navigation without remaining continuously in any one place for 14 days OR LONGER.’

    A continuous journey is not required in law nor does the act mention 14 days as a maximum. It could be argued that enforced navigation is inconsistant with echr, specifically articles’ 8 and 14.

    A continuous cruising licence does not exist. What is meant here is a pleasure boat licence permitting bona fide navigation (an itinerant lifestyle) and BW call this a canal and river licence which may bea subdivision of a PB licence under section 10 of 1971, although this seems to refer to riverways and not canals. A houseboat certificate permits sedentary living on any river or canal with or without a mooring. In law, no distance is required for bfn – just a willingness to practice bfn. The Act is available to download for free online. Google ‘BW Act 1995’.

    There’s no bullshit on kanda, just helpful information, and yes, much of this has to be formally tested in courts of law as the law will protect us (hopefully). Got it now?

  2. It would help if you actually pointed out what the lies are.

    And if they truly are ‘lies’ (i.e. knowing and deliberate falsehoods), as opposed to ‘bullshitting’ (stating something because one thinks its likely to be true but can’t be arsed to check), or disagreements over interpretation.

    So what are the lies? I’m not disputing, merely asking you to highlight and refute them.

    • admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

      Well I’ve spotted three (with one more debatable) – whether they are lies or bullshit or even simply hyperbole is a fine distinction, I would tend to agree with you that it’s more bullshit than lies though you would think the author has had anything up to 16 years to check.

      Whichever it is, the paragraph is intended to mislead.

      As to which three they are, sorry, I’m not going to spoil the fun.