Liveaboards needed to attend K&A Partnership AGM this Wednesday 12th November

The K&A Local Waterway Partnership is holding its Annual Meeting this Wednesday, 12th November 2014. It will be at Bath Cricket Club, North Parade Bridge Road, Bath BA2 4EX from 7pm to 8.30pm. There is an open invitation to this meeting; contact Alison Jordan, or 01380 737907 if you want to go.

The meeting seeks views about the Partnership’s future plans for the K&A waterways. Given that the Local Waterway Partnership has not consulted with liveaboard boaters about how any future plans for the K&A would impact on our lives, it is important that boat dwellers, both with and without a home mooring, are represented at this meeting. You may wish to raise issues about the adverse impact on your lives of the hire boat trade for example, or the increased harassment of boaters without home moorings through the K&A Interim 12-month Local Plan.

On 27th November 2013, the Local Waterway Partnership sought people’s views on its draft plan for “improving the K&A waterways over the next decade”. Unfortunately it gave only three weeks for people to comment on the plan, even though CRT claims to follow the Government Code of Practice on Consultations, which recommends at least 12 weeks for any consultation, and longer if it takes place over a holiday period.

You can read the Waterway Partnership’s 10-year Plan here

You can read the Waterways Partnership’s targets for the next three years here

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