Local Consultation released

In the topsy turvy world that is Sally Eichmann’s crusade, the second part, no the third part, no the first part, anyway one of the parts of Ms Ash’s master plan, the local moorings consultation is released.

Due to the fact that Waterways Ombudsman ruling that “ BW’s work in consultation, policy and guidance fell short of expectations. […] Specifically the process lacked any preliminary discussion with persons likely to be affected ” in this document ;
boat_licence_consultation_review_may_2008.pdf tucked away in a quiet corner of the BW website (they do a lot of this), we have decided that henceforth these consultations shall be called ignorations.

The boat count will be along this way Monday, Tuesday of next week to give you your own personal copy of the local mooring strategy.
You can get a copy here;
Local mooring strategy ignoration

Most important:
This ignoration finishes on 11th January 2010, 20 days before the National Ignoration. Replies must be in by then and it is vital that our voice is loud. Please pass this on to as many boaters as you can. Get everyone in touch with us to keep posted on the progress.

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