Mead Lane moorings update

BANES Council and Avon and Somerset Police have circulated the letter below to boaters who moor at Mead Lane in Saltford on the River Avon. You can download the letter here Mead Lane Trigger Update

Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary
North East Anti-Social Behaviour Team
Redbridge House, Midland Road, Bath, BA2 3EW.

17th June 2019

Dear Resident and Boating Community,

Re: Community Trigger Review

I am writing to update you on the Community Trigger Process, which commenced back in September 2018. I thought it may be helpful to summarise the key issues raised by local residents, which included:

*  Anti-Social Behaviour
* Transport and Parking
* Pollution
* Dogs including Fouling
* Overstaying on Moorings

Following a Community Trigger, a Panel is convened and actions agreed. The following actions and activities have taken place in response to the Mead Lane Trigger:

1. Quiet Zones were agreed between 8pm -8am
2. Increased Police Patrols
3. Open Meetings were held with all parties, the meetings have been held during the last six months, with representation from both the Boating Community and Local Residents. There was also representation from agencies such as Avon and Somerset Constabulary, BANES Council, Canal and River Trust and Outreach Workers from Julian House.
4. There has been liaison with the Parish Council representatives and ward councillors
5. The Council has reviewed the highway requests and some lining refresh is due to take place
6. The Council has asked its environmental enforcement contractor (in place since March) to include this area on their patrols
7. The Police and Council continue to liaise with both the local community and boaters who regularly use the site
8. A formal review of mooring arrangements is planned (subject to council sign-off)

We will ensure that there is plenty of time and opportunity to provide your feedback. We thought it may be of assistance if we provide a refresh on how all parties can report any issues of concern:

• Council related issues such as dog fouling, highway conditions, noise nuisance, litter, fly tipping, cleansing etc, can be reported via the council website on or via Council Connect: 01225 394041
• Police matters such as vehicle obstruction, anti-social-behaviour, criminality, threatening behaviour should be reported via 101 or the Avon and Somerset Constabulary Website.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary view on moving forward:

During the meetings we have outlined and explained the importance of being a Good Neighbour. As an example of ‘Good Behaviour’ we wouldn’t expect any party to enter anyone else’s property without good reason or consent. We will not tolerate the taking of photos or filming of persons without consent. There is an expectation that all parties should utilise the shared spaces such as highway and verges with consideration of all others and this includes parking matters. I am pleased to say that during my meetings with both residents and boaters I have witnessed a genuine wish to live harmoniously. We will be monitoring the issues and concerns throughout June, July and August which are primarily the busiest months. A further meeting is planned towards the end of the Summer Season to see how things have progressed. This information will feed in to the planned formal review.

Kind Regards,

Lou Gould
Anti-social-Behaviour Coordinator, Avon and Somerset Police

Mandy Bishop
Director of Environment, Bath & North East Somerset Council

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