New enforcement supervisor for K&A

Sheila Shaw, who has been the Enforcement Supervisor for the Wales and the West, took over as Enforcement Supervisor for the K&A on 2nd January. It is not known whether she will take over the whole of Russell Bennett’s role as Enforcement Supervisor for the South which included London. Jane Lee, who was made Enforcement Supervisor for the K&A following the sudden departure of Mr Bennett, is now resuming her role as Boating Support Analyst. She is likely to be leaving Wiltshire and moving to Gloucester.

Sheila Shaw has been responsible for what has been described as a ‘reign of terror’ on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, where boats without home moorings that are complying with both the law and the Guidance for Boaters Without Home Moorings have been served with Section 8 notices unless they either risk their lives travelling on the tidal River Severn and Bristol Channel or give in to pressure to take moorings that are in short supply, not officially residential and far more expensive than most other parts of the waterways. She has even presided over the unlawful harassment of boaters with moorings, who have been threatened with seizure of their homes and told to return to their moorings because they are too far away from them.

Ms Shaw’s campaign of unlawful enforcement and threats to live-aboards’ homes on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal has been spearheaded by enforcement officer Steve England. Some boaters believe that complaints to Ms Shaw about Mr England’s behaviour have fallen on deaf ears.

Russell Bennett left CRT’s employment in July 2013 because he was advised by his solicitor that he would be sacked following an allegation of sexual harassment.

For job descriptions of the enforcement supervisor, boating support analyst and other enforcement posts see

For information on what to do if you get a CC1 or similar enforcement notice see


If you have been served with a Section 8, contact Travellers Advice Team Solicitors; if you are on a low income you are likely to get legal aid.



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