Please respond by 8th Jan to BaNES Council towpath consultation

BaNES Council is running a public consultation on river parks and towpath improvements on the River Avon between Churchill Bridge and Newbridge in Bath. The consultation asks questions about people’s use of the towpath but does not include an option to say that you use the towpath for mooring your boat, and does not mention boating at all. This needs to be challenged! The deadline for responses is Friday 8th January 2021. Let’s make sure that the voices of liveaboard boaters are heard. You can respond to the questions about each of the four parks with your views on the exclusion of boaters and boating from the consultation, and there is a question at the end where you can express your concerns about the consultation. It is a relatively short survey that will take around 15-20 minutes to complete. See

You can respond online here

or contact

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