Sally blames dog shit on the boaters

And all the rest of it, listen here;


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6 Responses to “Sally blames dog shit on the boaters”

  1. Fed Up with it MonsterID Icon Fed Up with it says:

    Nice comments
    However the responsible dog owners in Leicestershire “scoop” their dogs waste and put it in bags.
    It is a great pitty that they then “hang it on a bush”!
    Looking like a tribute to Christmas
    Stop it you dirty bug****

  2. Richard littlejohn MonsterID Icon Richard littlejohn says:

    on the short walk from my mooring to the pink cottage this morning 25 piles of dog shit……..I stood in one got a mooring rope covered and on my hand …..Im going to contact the council and see if we can get some enforcement and maybe dog poo bins. otherwise what am I supposed to do ? rub the owners noses in it undignified for both of us!

  3. richard atwal-godderidge MonsterID Icon richard atwal-godderidge says:

    On the subject of the alleged disposal of human waste by boaters. The only shit that I see on a daily basis is dog shit. The towpath is used as an indiscriminate canine toilet by the hundreds of dog owners that “exercise” their four legged friends.

    I bet everyone who lives on a boat has encountered this problem. Our kids have to avoid piles of dogshit in order to avoid canis toxicara and the real risk of blindness

    Shouldn’t Mr Rossiter have some concern for this genuine problem or is he just trying to make unfounded accusations for his own bitter and twisted reasons against people whose only “crime” is daring to be different.

  4. Tom MonsterID Icon Tom says:

    I think that an awful lot of the dog poo around here is left by boaters’ dogs. I often moor up only to see the boat next door letting their dog out to go for a poo (often outside our boat). Of course a lot of dog poo is left by walkers, but many many boaters are most definitely not blameless.

  5. Tschawo MonsterID Icon Tschawo says:

    Frankly I should think boat dogs are outnumbered 50 to 1 by passing walkers round here. Not being a dog owner, I get narked off with any of them shitting all over the place.

  6. Floatingvoter MonsterID Icon Floatingvoter says:

    This is from the latest Cotswold Canals e-newletter.

    There are no boats on this stretch of canal — who to blame?


    Member Mike Blanch and SDC Dog Warden Natasha Anderson recently
    donned their wellies to undertake a survey along various stretches of
    the towpath between Eastington and Daneway. And it was just as well
    they did.

    Suffice it to say that they found getting on for 150 examples of you
    know what despite there being 13 bins located in the 11.5 mile stretch
    surveyed. Hopefully Mike will have been instrumental in getting at
    least 4 more bins installed at the hot spots, as it were.