Seend stoppage to overrun

CRT has informed boaters that the stoppage at Seend, where the waterway has been closed since 22nd November 2015 to repair Seend Wharf Bridge, will not re-open until 23rd March, 12 days longer than planned. The road will not open until 6th May.

CRT say that “Unfortunately the repairs taking place to Seend Wharf Bridge have been more complicated than expected, and navigation on the canal will now be closed until the22nd March.

Once the original foundations were revealed, we had to adapt our plans for the piling necessary to secure the bridge, and the work is taking longer to complete than we’d hoped.  In addition, there have been unexpected delays getting hold of a specialist concrete needed to complete the project.  The combination of these things has meant that we’re now unable to take down the props under the bridge and reopen the canal as planned”.

CRT Head of Boating Mike Grimes has assured boaters that they will not have enforcement action taken against them if they are trapped between the Seend stoppage and Lock 10 in Bath.


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