Sign up online to K&A Boaters’ Code of Conduct

You can now sign up to the K&A Boaters’ Code of Conduct online. Just go to

and click on “Sign me up”. You can add comments or your boat name if you want. You can also print out stickers in different sizes for your boat window that include a QR code for smart phones to read, so that other boaters and towpath users can find out about the Code of Conduct.

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One Response to “Sign up online to K&A Boaters’ Code of Conduct”

  1. Chris Pink MonsterID Icon Chris Pink says:

    I find this code of conduct pompous and patronising. It lists a number of things which are either obvious or part of the terms and conditions of having a boat on CRT waters.

    I don’t it necessary to be spoken to as if I am some kind of primary school child that has to sign up to a set of rules in order to somehow validate a change of behaviour.

    It is divisive in that it implies that anyone who doesn’t sign up is in some way culpable of anti-social bahaviour.

    Say no to this Code of Conduct and take, or keep, responsibility for your own actions.