Skippers Wanted

A wonderful opportunity to do some boating in a different part of the country and get involved in a very worthwhile project.

We need to find 3 experienced steerers, no certificates needed, for a project that involves taking a group of young people from Birmingham to Manchester for a dance performance on hire boats. This is the first two weeks of July.

The youth group will travel on the four boats in the morning, rehearse in the afternoon and meet up again wherever the boats have got to. There’s a week to get to Manchester where the project ends. The steerers then have a week to get the boats back to the hire base at Norbury. This will be about 40 hours boating over 8 days.

The youth group will be gone and you can bring people in and have a free narrow boat holiday in the 2nd week. 6 days boating that is estimated to take 33 hours.

This is the 2nd year of the project, last year’s went from London to Stratford-on-Avon (Stratford to Stratford) and was a great success.

This is a summary of last year’s trip;

There’s a load more video here;

It’s not quite as CRT as this makes out, in fact apart from some of the funding they are not involved at all. It’s unpaid but food is provided, the boats are provided, what’s not to like?

If you, or know anyone, who might be interested, please get in touch.

I’ve just been told that if you can only do the first week that’s fine as we can (easily) find someone who wants a free week’s hire boat but I’m guessing that’s one of the attractions of the gig.

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