Stag party crew sinks liveaboard – community meeting this Wed 26th September

There will be an emergency meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at the Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon to discuss action following the sinking of a historic wooden narrowboat by a stag party on hire boats from ABC Leisure at the weekend. CRT, hire companies and Wiltshire Council have been invited.

Support, equipment and over £6,000 towards repairs has been raised by the boating community to help the now homeless boater who lived on the 70′ converted Joey boat. The hire company has not offered any assistance.

The stag party hired two boats from ABC at Hilperton at the weekend, and were the subject of numerous complaints as they drunkenly drove the boats at speed towards Bath, hitting and damaging many boats and shouting abuse at liveaboards and passers-by. They were later barred from the Cross Guns pub and on Saturday ABC Leisure terminated their holiday, leaving them on the towpath with their suitcases in the heavy rain.

Please come to the meeting. As a community we need to take decisive action to stop the wilful damage and abuse by stag party boats once and for all as it is clear that previous measures have not worked.

If you would like to make a donation towards repairing the sunken boat see

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One Response to “Stag party crew sinks liveaboard – community meeting this Wed 26th September”

  1. Steve D MonsterID Icon Steve D says:

    Great about time we made our voice heard. Can you please keep us updated with and results from the meeting.

    Best of luck