Stolen Bike

Just had an email from Simon, keep your eyes peeled for this one boaters.

Hi there, my bike was stolen last night from near Bridge 185 between Beckford Road and Bathampton

it’s a ‘whyte’ ‘kings cross’ bike and was stolen between 8.10pm and 10.14pm on 22nd May 2013

it’s been reported to the police (for what it’s worth) but i wondered if you could post this on your forum? Simon 077300 38801

And we don’t know whether Simon’s bike was locked or not but it’s a reminder that any bike that isn’t locked will go missing (as well as a fair few that are)

One Response to “Stolen Bike”

  1. sib2332 MonsterID Icon sib2332 says:

    Just to clarify the bike was securely chained using an 85cm kryptonite bike chain to a secure post