Support from BaNES Council: more liveaboard boaters needed to help build on a positive start

Boater Sam Worrall, who works for Julian House Travelling Communities Support Service, spoke at the BaNES council meeting on 15th September 2016 to explain the adverse effects of CRT’s unlawful enforcement against liveaboard boaters and the lack of facilities along the canal and River Avon. She asked the Council to recognise, support and consider liveaboard boaters in its policy and planning.

Sam told the Council of the support for liveaboard boaters from the residents of Bradford on Avon, and informed them of the meeting between boaters, CRT and Michelle Donelan MP in June 2016. She also explained how boaters are being affected by the removal of car parking on certain roads.


Several councillors asked questions and Ms Worrall was asked to speak to the Scrutiny Committee that looks at social inclusion. Three councillors also asked for meetings with her to discuss ways in which they could support boaters. This is in addition to the other four councillors who already support the liveaboard boating community.

We need more boaters who can be involved with this, especially if you travel within the BaNES area between Dundas and Bath and/or on the River Avon. Please contact and we will pass your details on to Sam who will be co-ordinating this initially.

You can watch the presentation to the Council and the questions via the link below at 00.46.33

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