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Bath and NES Council strikes on Pulteney Weir moorings

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Well, I guess it was predictable,  that Charley Dancey’s takeover of a piece of land in prime Bath city tourist area for his own personal grandstand would lead to action by the BANES Council. It was even more predictable when the party crew joined him.

As the river becomes more used by the boating community, it was obvious that elements within Bath’s ultra conservative ruling elite would not be best pleased by “these people” on “their river”.

And that has happened, but in a sweeping action that will see the stretch of river between Pulteney Weir and Widcombe Lock free of boats. The Active Lifestyles team of the Council has decided to rattle a few sabres at the boaters living an active lifestyle on this stretch of the river.

Possibly the most important and draconian action is the suspension of the moorings by the Sports Centre from next month. Although at the end of the leisure boating season, it is a well-used and world famous mooring for people visiting Bath. This is seen as a preemptive strike to prevent people living aboard here over the winter.

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Health survey under way – please take part

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

The first ever survey of liveaboard boaters’ health needs has begun in Bath and NE Somerset. It is being carried out for the NHS, and it’s your chance to have your say about how health services need to be changed to make them easier for boaters to get access to.

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