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Anarchists Ahoy!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

We spotted this on one of the blogs that likes to keep up with our doings;

“Well done sue, a separate boat licence for those who wish to stay in one place to work etc, not paying for moorings or marina berths like the rest of us, taking up prime towpath moorings near towns should be charged at a premium!
As for the kanda website i have been aware of it for some time now and have concluded from the fact that they are obviously well organised and researched that they may be more than mere troublemakers and could in fact be some kind of anarchist contingent!
I am following you’re blog with interest and would like to hear others opinions on how to can deal with this potential menace! David”

I think you’ll find, David, that we are far more than a ‘potential’ menace but thank you for the compliments, we like to think our research is good.

Now off to try and organise a cup of tea.