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Coal boat musical chairs

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

So Henk has sold Heart of Gold and gone yachting, but straight away another coal boat appears, so there are still three coal and diesel boats on the K&A.

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The Coal must get through

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Andy and Janine at work this morning on Tipton. Luckily they can moor up at lunchtime but it was atrocious weather when these photos were taken, sleet, near freezing and high winds.

Tipton delivering coal in Bath, December 2011

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Tipton – Coal and Diesel Boat, Andy Jackson – Signwriter

Friday, October 16th, 2009
Tipton and Scavenger, seen at Bathampton in early autumn

Tipton and Scavenger, seen at Bathampton in early autumn

Andy says
“Since she was built in 1936 Tipton has worked the waterways and we have had the pleasure over the last twenty years of maintaining that tradition. Carrying fibre optic cable first drew us to the Kennet and Avon followed by a stint short hauling wet cement for weir works.
Now we have settled into the role of roving coal and diesel supplier to boats and canalside premises, concentrating our run between Great Bedwyn and Bath.
Being typical boaters we are unable to be constrained to a schedule but find ourselves, sometimes to our own surprise, reaching each end about four times annually.
Text us for info on our whereabouts or listen our for our holler. ‘coal and diesel!’.
I have also been improving my signwriting skills and I am confident enough to take on any combination offering affordable rates. Obviously this is a weather dependent occupation requiring a suitable towpath work site.”

Tipton is currently expected;

  • Bath: 17th October
  • Devizes: End of October
  • Bedwyn: mid November
  • Then back to Bath in December

To catch them or get more up to date information, send them a text on 07779 185375.

They are currently experiencing difficulty getting to Hungerford and beyond due to the dilapidated state of the Kennet and Avon at this point due to BW’s refusal to carry out any maintenance. Give them a ring if you are in this area to see if anything can be done to help (with coal not the dredging – ring British Waterways for that).



Current prices;

Coal in 25kg bags

  • Newflame £9.50 per bag, £90 for 10 bags
  • Maxibrite £9.50 per bag, £90 for 10 bags
  • Anthracite £9.00 per bag, £87 for 10 bags available in large or small nuts
  • House coal £8.70 per bag, £84 for 10 bags

All prices subject to fluctuation, check with them for the latest prices.


  • 73p per litre, before duty.

Most of you will be aware of the current situation regarding self-declaration of use, where your use is divided into diesel used for propulsion and diesel used for heating and power generation – the price above is for 0% propulsion, ie a boat that doesn’t move – cue all the continuous cruising jokes.

As an example, 10% propulsion, 90% domestic would cost 78.5p per litre. A self-declaration form is required at the time of filling. If you need more information about the current fuel tax regime then leave a comment and we’ll do an article.

Andy does pretty fine signwriting, he is going to do a bit of a write up with some examples shortly. In the meantime, get in touch if you need some signwriting doing. Check out his web site