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B&NES Council refuse to substantiate or retract allegations

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Following from her press statement of 26th September, we wrote to Lynda Deane asking whether she had any evidence to support her serious allegations of criminal wrongdoing on the river.

We also asked her whether these crimes have been properly reported to the Police and to the Environment Agency.

She has replied stating that she stands by the allegations but refuses to provide any supporting evidence or even whether the council, as is its duty if it does have evidence of wrongdoing, had reported these crimes to the relevant authorities.

Ms Deane said  “The content of the press statement is very clear and we do not propose elaborating on it.  This matter is now with our solicitors to deal with going forward.”

We believe, after our own investigations into the matter, that these allegations to be unfounded. There is a strong case that these statements are, in fact, criminal libel and as such actionable. However it is unlikely, as Ms Deane has no doubt taken into account, that the subjects of her allegations would have the money or resources to mount such actions.

We also asked Ms Deane to provide information as to what licence was required to navigate  the part of the river in question. She declined to answer.

Further information: Bath and NES Council strikes on Pulteney Weir moorings