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CRT and BaNES plan mooring strategy for entire River Avon and beyond

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Documents obtained by a Freedom of Information request to BaNES Council, and the response to a recent complaint about proposals to restrict mooring at Mead Lane, Saltford, show that BaNES and CRT are planning a mooring strategy for the River Avon and the K&A Canal between Hanham and Limpley Stoke.

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An attempt to restore mooring on the river in Bath

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Because B&NES council are the land owners for the banks of the river running from Bath flight bottom lock up to Pulteney, they have the legal right to control who moors on the banks. You do not need a licence to keep a boat on this quarter mile of river and there is still a Public Right of Navigation but, as with most rivers, the riparian rights reside in the land owners. In a panic attack and in collaboration with CRT last year the Bath and NE Somerset Council, upset by what they saw as undesirables using this public resource, have banned mooring to their land for everyone.

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BaNES Council may become a navigation authority

Monday, August 25th, 2014

BaNES Council has commissioned a legal report from its solicitors Clarke Willmott outlining the Council’s options in relation to becoming a navigation authority and legislation in relation to bye-laws.

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Bath and NES Council strikes on Pulteney Weir moorings

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Well, I guess it was predictable,  that Charley Dancey’s takeover of a piece of land in prime Bath city tourist area for his own personal grandstand would lead to action by the BANES Council. It was even more predictable when the party crew joined him.

As the river becomes more used by the boating community, it was obvious that elements within Bath’s ultra conservative ruling elite would not be best pleased by “these people” on “their river”.

And that has happened, but in a sweeping action that will see the stretch of river between Pulteney Weir and Widcombe Lock free of boats. The Active Lifestyles team of the Council has decided to rattle a few sabres at the boaters living an active lifestyle on this stretch of the river.

Possibly the most important and draconian action is the suspension of the moorings by the Sports Centre from next month. Although at the end of the leisure boating season, it is a well-used and world famous mooring for people visiting Bath. This is seen as a preemptive strike to prevent people living aboard here over the winter.

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