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Traditional ropework

Sunday, February 7th, 2016


imageBeautiful and traditional ropework decorating the ellum of British Waterways’ Romsey, a ‘big Ricky’ butty, a six plank wooden-hulled boat, of which a considerable number were built for the GUCCCo. by Walkers at Rickmansworth in the 1930’s.

Tony Dunkley writes

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Dragged like a donkey

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

CRT have finally backed down in their latest high profile case against a long time liveaboard.

Some may be aware, or can catch up on t’net, of CRT’s attempts to get court sanction for 1. Validating the legality of, removing a license and issuing a Section 8 for breach of terms of their conditions and 2. trying to enforce a doctrine that says a boater with a home mooring must also follow the same rules as a boater without a home mooring.
This is stated in the Kennet and Avon Plan.

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