The neighbours….

We were approached by Public Protection at Wiltshire Council who asked if it would be ok to relay the following message about gatherings at Party Spot near Bradford-on-Avon.

Hello, I work for Public Protection at Wiltshire Council, and investigate noise complaints. There has been an ongoing complaint from a family that live on the road to Turleigh, that in the warmer months, they are disturbed by loud music which continues to the early hours and sometimes all night. The family have found the fact that they are disturbed throughout the night by the music distressing, especially as it has prevented them sleeping. I understand that the music is from parties that are held on Barton Farm Country Park next to the canal, and some boaters as well as young people from Bradford on Avon and the surrounding area meet here. Although the Country Park is intended to be used by members of the public, and there is no issue with people gathering there, I would ask those that do so to be considerate to other people living nearby and would ask that any amplified music to be turned off by 12:00am and to be kept to a reasonable noise level beforehand. I hope that if this could be achieved it would eliminate the problem.

Thank you for reading.

Ms Damaris Broad


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