Thefts at Bathampton and Devizes

Several boats had their diesel siphoned in the Bathampton area late last week according to a boater who is moored there. At Devizes yesterday, a couple of boaters had their solar panel stolen. The panel is 70 watt x 12volt, measuring 1m x 0.5m. If you hear of anyone offering a panel like that for sale, please contact or 07928 078208. This is the second theft of a solar panel in Devizes that we know about. Lock everything and be vigilant! It is worth reporting thefts from boats to the Police, to ensure that the amount of crime against boaters is correctly recorded. You can report non-emergencies to the Police by phoning 101.

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5 Responses to “Thefts at Bathampton and Devizes”

  1. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    A boater has emailed:

    This is very good advice.

    With regard to the person who thinks he has found the culprit who stole his solar panel, and thinks its a boater, if it is confirmed then that boater should be NAMED AND SHAMED as punishment, and to warn other boaters not to trust him. Thieving amongst our own communities is despicable, and needs to be stamped out.
    Sorry if I sound harsh………

  2. indigo dawn MonsterID Icon indigo dawn says:


    Notice at Semington:

    laptop stolen from a vehicle parked near the canal bridge at Semington

  3. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    We’ve received these suggestions about security too:

    Might be worth suggesting security for solar panels?
    I put the name of my boat on the side of my panels with a drill.
    I did it into the side of the panel aluminium frame.
    I didn’t drill through, just a series of indentations that spell out the name.

  4. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    A boater has emailed to say:

    Not sure if the first panel you are speaking of is mine, about a year ago…..

    also had my bike stolen (no saddle either!) from Sells Green, about 2 weeks ago.

    I think I have found the culprit for my panel. Sad to say, it is a boater….

    Anyway, my suggestion is to make things clearly identifiable: I have written “If this panel is not on the roof of the Narrowboat XXXXX, then IT IS STOLEN” very large on the back. Also suggest people either write down or take a photo of their panel’s serial number. And lock them up. Make them hard to pass on.

    Please pass this on.