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As part of the K&A Interim 12-month Local Plan, a review of visitor moorings between Bath and Devizes was carried out in February and March 2015. The review recommended a number of changes to the location and length of visitor moorings. This looks like it has resulted in a net gain of 14 day mooring space, but in some areas, notably Foxhangers and Semington, the review has proposed the loss of 14-day space.

Many of the visitor moorings are likely to become 14-day from 1st November to 31st March; this change will be implemented nationally from November 2015 on most visitor moorings. CRT has also stated that its unlawful £25 per day “extended stay charges” on visitor moorings will remain in place despite the K&A Plan ending on 1st May. It appears that the 48-hour time limits will not revert to 24 or 72 hours where these were changed on 1st May 2014.

You can read the review report below and download it here

To comment on the proposals and/or how they are working in practice, contact before the end of September 2015. There is also an online survey here

CRT’s Navigation Advisory Group (NAG) has drawn up a standard process for all areas for making decisions on changes to visitor moorings. This is an improvement on local residents who dislike liveaboard boaters being able to influence waterway managers. Some of the visitor moorings and ‘no mooring’ restrictions on the K&A were imposed following lobbying by wealthy canal-side residents. Many of these are likely to change as a result of the K&A review. You can read all the NAG national recommendations here

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The Kennet & Avon Local Plan recommended that a review of the visitor moorings between Bath and Foxhangers be carried out. A small working group met three times during January – February 2015 to review the location and length of existing and potential visitor moorings on the western end of the K&A. The group considered:

Current official visitor mooring locations

Current conditions of visitor moorings at the above sites.

Current facilities available on site at the above locations (e.g. water points etc)

‘other’ popular mooring sites (but not ‘official’)

Signage and information about visitor moorings both on and off site e.g. what we have now and what might be appropriate in the future

Facilities of the above ‘other sites’ (if any)

Demand vs supply info on all the above visitor mooring sites

General condition of the visitor mooring sites in terms of maintenance and customer services/information/access

Any sites where the Trust could create new visitor mooring to cope with demand?

Any sites where visitor moorings/moorings in general should be removed or temporarily/permanently prohibited?

Environmental impact of visitor moorings

Accessibility of visitor moorings

Members of the review sub-group

The following were represented on the sub-group:

K&A Waterway Manager (Nick Worthington)

Representative from K&A Waterways Partnership (Tamsin Phipps)

Representative from K&A Trust (David Inight)

Representative from C&RT Business Boating team (Phil Spencer – interim)

Representative from the K&A Trade Association (Russell Fletcher)

Representative from K&A Boating organisations (Andrew Colyer, K&A Boating Community)

Representative from K&A Boating organisations (Geoffrey Robinson, NABO)

Representative from Angling organisations (Terry Fell)

Representative from Valley Parishes Alliance (Anna Beria)

IWA were invited to nominate someone to the sub-group but did not make a nomination.

The group was supported by the Matthew Symonds Boating Liaison Manger (south)


The group met three times and made the following recommendations:

Lock 10/11 temporary 48 hour visitor mooring

1. Retain temporary 48 hour visitor moorings (all year).

Review once the future of the moorings on the river have been resolved.

2. Install signage to indicate that boats can double moor if necessary.

3. Part of these visitor moorings (up to 50%) could be considered by C&RT for winter mooring permits.

Bath 48 hour visitor moorings

4. Retain existing 48 hour hour visitor moorings (all year).

5. Winding hole (50ft) above lock 13 to be retained but not formally signed due to potential conflict with lock landing.

Sign lock landing above lock in front of the Winding Hole as no mooring (approximately 50ft)

6. Install a temporary sign to inform boaters of additional temporary moorings available between lock 10/11.

Darlington Wharf

7. Install 33.5m mooring for relocated hire boats from Dundas. Retain existing 48 hour visitor mooring west of relocated hire boats (all year).

8. Extend visitor moorings east of relocated hire boats to the end of the hard edge. Visitor moorings to the east of the hire boats 48 hour (April to October), 14 day (November to March).

9. Part of these visitor moorings (up to 50%) could be considered by C&RT for winter mooring permits.


10. Shorten 48 hour west visitor moorings by approximately half, improve bank condition to bring up to S1 standard when feasible to do so. Retain remaining 48 hour west visitor moorings (all year).

11. Retain 48 hour school visitor mooring (all year).

12. Install no mooring tile on winding hole.

13. Return 48 hour east visitor moorings to 14 day (S2). Part of these visitor moorings (up to 50%) could be considered by C&RT for winter mooring permits.

14. Reinstate winding hole sign by current 48 hour east visitor mooring.


15. Reduce length of ‘no mooring’ section as much as possible without impacting on water level measuring equipment.

16. Reduce 48 hour mooring by approximately half, returning part between 48 hour visitor mooring and the directly managed moorings to general towpath mooring (14 day/S2).

17. Remaining visitor mooring 48 hour (April to October), 14 day (November to March).


18. Shorten west visitor mooring by approximately half, returning part to general towpath mooring (14 day/S2). Remaining west visitor mooring to be 48 hour (April to October), 14 day (November to March).

19. Retain 48 hour visitor moorings in basin (all year)

20. Section in basin between water point and bridge to be half closest to the water point ‘no mooring’ and half closest to the bridge general towpath mooring (14 day/S2)

21. Retain visitor moorings on east side of aqueduct 48 hour (April to October), 14 day (November to March).

22. Mooring space occupied by two hire boats to be relocated to Darlington Wharf (appox 33.5m) to be returned to visitor mooring 48 hour (April to October), 14 day (November to March).


23. Visitor moorings west side of the aqueduct to be moved closer to the aqueduct (including most of the current ‘no mooring’ section), but shorted the visitor moorings at the western end by the same amount gained by including the ‘no mooring’ section.

24. Introduce a section of 14 day VM (S2) between the end of the west visitor moorings and the directly managed moorings.

25. Install advisory disabled mooring tile on the east side of the aqueduct.

26. All Avoncliff visitor moorings to remain 48 hour (all year).

Bradford on Avon

27. Return trade mooring below the lock to 48 hour visitor mooring.

28. Retain current 48 hour visitor mooring (all year) below the lock. Improve bank when feasible to do so.

29. Retain existing 48 hour visitor mooring (all year) above lock.

30. Install no mooring signs under Bridge 171 (Sainsbury’s bridge).

31. Install no mooring for wide beam boats on a short section of the visitor mooring opposite Oxfordshire Narrowboat moorings. This is necessary to ensure the navigation is not blocked. This will not affect the Barbara McLellan Trip Boat mooring.


32. Return 48 hour visitor moorings closest to 170 (Beehive bridge) to 14 day (S2) mooring.

33. Retain visitor moorings east of marina entrance 48 hour (all year)


34. Shorten visitor moorings by approximately half retaining section closest to bridge 166.

35. Remaining visitor mooring to be 48 hour (all year)


36. Extend the visitor moorings west by 50m.

37. Install sign to indicate that the first two boat length of moorings west of bridge 160 is suitable for double mooring.

38. Visitor mooring to be 48 hour (all year)

Seend Cleeve

39. Reduce 48 hour visitor mooring below lock 154 by approximately half to retain section on the hard edge mooring only.

40. Visitor moorings below the lock 48 hour (April to October), 14 day (November to March).

41. Install sign to indicate suitable for double mooring.

42. Retain 48 hour (all year) visitor mooring by Barge Inn

Sells Green

43. Retain exiting visitor moorings 48 hours (all year)


44. Retain existing visitor moorings 48 hours (all year)

45. Make section west of visitor moorings by old railway bridge abutments/opposite marina entrance ‘no mooring’

Marsh Lane

46. Retain exiting visitor moorings 48 hours (all year)

Consideration of other mooring locations

The group discussed concerns about damage being caused to the bank between Bridge 188 (Sydney Wharf Bridge) and the Cleveland House Tunnel. The bank in this section is currently designated as general towpath where boats may moor for up to 14 days. The group discussed the how the damage to the bank might be prevented. Physical improvements would be difficult due to the streams which need to flow into the canal and would also defeat the aim of having a natural bank. The group suggested that the section between Bridge 188 and the Cleveland House Tunnel could be made no mooring to help protect the bank if a section of the temporary visitor moorings between lock 10 and 11 could be made 14 day visitor. This would depend on what happens to the visitor moorings on the River Avon, so it should be kept under review.

47. It was agreed that Summerham Brook aqueduct should be signed as no mooring.

Winter stay times / winter moorings

This was discussed as part of the review of each visitor mooring (see recommendations above)

Next steps

The recommendations will be circulated to Kennet & Avon Waterways Partnership members for information and comment. The Waterway Manager will then make a formal decision on the recommendations. The final recommendations will presented at the Waterways Forum meeting in April.

Signage changes will be completed by the end of June ready for a three month pilot of the proposals during July, August and September. The visitor moorings review group will meet again in October to review the pilot and a final decision will be made by the Waterway Manager on the recommended changes.

Matthew Symonds

Boating Liaison Manager (south)

9 March 2015

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