Visitor Mooring Survey

One of the many criticisms levelled at CRT over the recent Southeast visitor mooring debacle is that no analysis has been done about boaters’ experience of visitor moorings.

John Sloan and Steve Jay, continuous cruising boaters responsible for a lot of recent dialogue with CRT over the issue of roving mooring permits and the SE consultation amongst others have set up an independent survey of visitor mooring experiences.

If you would like to contribute to this survey it can be found here:

https://www.surveymo…VisitorMoorings All data is anonymous and whereas the findings will be shared with CRT, none of your personal data will be.

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2 Responses to “Visitor Mooring Survey”

  1. Panda MonsterID Icon Panda says:

    See also this article entitled “Illegal Thoughts” by Simon Robbins

  2. Panda MonsterID Icon Panda says:

    The survey contains a question about the £25 overstaying ‘charge’. For those completing the survey, it may be useful to know that Parliament denied BW the power to enforce mooring time limits below 14 days and to impose fines for overstaying in 1995. For a ‘charge’ to be a charge and not a fine, the amount has to reflect the real cost of providing the service – which at £25 rising to £50 per day would make £9,000 per year – over three times the average cost of a permanent mooring on the towpath in most areas.