Waterways Chaplaincy on the K&A

Two Waterways Chaplains are on the K&A until April. Andy and Sue Smith arrived on the K&A last summer in their narrowboat Spring Water. They regularly walk the towpath to find out if any vulnerable people need help, support or advice.

They can help liveaboard boaters to claim welfare benefits, and help boaters negotiate with CRT regarding enforcement, Section 8 and debt. They can refer boaters to networks of people and organisations who provide assistance to people in difficulties. They also have food parcels to give out. If you know a boater who is struggling, please suggest that they contact Andy and Sue.


The Smiths are also part of Canal Ministries, which provides Christian-based pastoral care and practical support. The Waterways Chaplaincy is run by the charity Workplace Matters; waterways chaplains have been active on the southern Grand Union Canal supervised by Captain Jenny Dibsdall of the Salvation Army.

Contact Andy and Sue Smith, springwater2010@outlook.com, 07883 299065

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and www.canalministries.org.uk

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