Winter moorings cut

If you were looking forward to being able to moor for 14 days at Darlington Wharf, Devizes Wharf or Crofton basin this winter, tough. CRT has yet again changed the way it runs its winter moorings, and 50% of all these sites and more will be winter moorings between November and February.

CRT is no longer offering roving winter mooring permits, only winter moorings at designated sites on the towpath or visitor moorings. Winter moorings will now only run for 4 months until February, not March, sold in 1 month blocks. They will now cost around £6 per metre or around 10% of a Long Term Mooring; prices are still being finalised. Where Visitor Mooring times are planned to revert to 14 days in winter, this will be from November to March inclusive – if you can find a space.

There will be no winter moorings in central London; CRT has stated that this is to maximise the number of available mooring spaces and that some complaints had been received from local authorities.

You can read CRT’s list of winter mooring sites here 11109-proposed-winter-moring-sites-for-2015-16

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