BW directors to get bonuses for move to charity

A look at the BW Directors’ targets for 2010-2011 (obtained in a Freedom of Information request) shows that three of the eight executive directors of BW are likely to get bonuses for achieving the move to charity status. The directors’ bonuses are linked to achieving these targets. BW has just announced that in 2011 the Directors will get up to £15,000 each in bonus payments on top of their six-figure salaries. The staff who matter most, who do maintenance and repairs and look after boaters and the waterways every day, will get a paltry £100 or so in comparison.

No timescales have been set, unlike some other targets, so these bonuses will apply however long the move to charity status takes. No wonder BW is promoting the move to charity status so strongly!

BW Chief Executive Robin Evans and Directors Nigel Johnson, Jim Stirling and Simon Salem were given the target in 2010-11 to “achieve Westminster Government’s approval for BW to become a third sector organisation and with Government making a firm commitment after consultation”.

Messrs Evans and Stirling were also given the target of ensuring the transfer of the EA navigations to the new charity “on terms acceptable to BW”. Finance Director Philip Ridal is likely to get a bonus for identifying and resolving any tax and accounting issues that might hinder a move to the third sector.

All the directors have already failed to meet the target of securing the Scottish Government’s agreement to move BW’s Scottish waterways to the third sector, as the Scottish Government has sensibly decided that the Union, Forth and Clyde, Crinan and Caledonian canals should remain in public ownership. Unite, the union that represents most BW employees, is appalled at the Directors’ bonuses and is calling for BW to remain entirely in public ownership.


You can read the Directors’ targets here BW Directors Targets 2010-2011

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