Battlelines drawn

Nick Brown of NBTA met with CRT yesterday. This is his summary of that meeting.

“Meeting with CRT in MK: Head of Legal (Jackie Lewis), another of the Legal Team (Tom Deards), Head of Boating (Mike Grimes) and Matthew Symonds.

We are still mulling over the conclusions but suffice to say the meeting didn’t go well they conceded very little (if anything).

They are sticking to their interpretation of what is “bona fide navigation” and are not minded to compromise. In fact they said that their professional standards requires them to do this because they believe themselves to be right.

But they have confirmed:
– that it is not required to engage in a progressive journey.
– that 10 miles is not enough (this is per the Davies case).
– that there is still no clarity on what is enough.
– that they accepted that “locality” and “area” are not used as terms and only “place” is valid.
– that they are still not moving in relation to kids in school.
– they will not be issuing 6-month restricted licences (except in exceptional circumstances) from 1-5-2016.
– that the consequence is that they will be issuing many Section 8s thereafter.
– that they will be dribbling these out and this appears to be a deliberate policy to prevent a “class action”.
– that it is accepted that NBTA will be supporting the Section 8 defendants and so we are both lining up for a god-almighty fight.
– that they don’t have an Equality Officer after all.
– that they don’t have an equality policy after all.
– that they will only provide “reasonable adjustments” to people with disabilities for (possibly short) finite periods of time.
– that they do not accept that they have to honour requisitions from people with disabilities for reasonable adjustments if they don’t consider them reasonable.


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