Enforcement supervisor resigns

Russell Bennett, CRT Enforcement Supervisor for London and the South, has resigned.

Russell Bennet ex-CRT Enforcement Supervisor

Russell Bennett: Famed for soft speaking diplomacy and tact
Photo: Bob Naylor ©WaterMarx

A receptionist at the Devizes office told a boater on 2nd July that “his employment has been terminated” with effect from 5th July 2013, and that Mr Bennett was currently not in the office because he was on leave.

The boater had phoned to speak to Mr Bennett about an enforcement matter that he had been dealing with. We have been informed by an unconfirmed source that Mr Bennett’s employment was terminated due to inappropriate sexual behaviour towards female members of staff.

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2 Responses to “Enforcement supervisor resigns”

  1. Oldie MonsterID Icon Oldie says:

    maybe we will see him on the door of a nightclub in Devizes of a saturday night

  2. admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

    We received this correction this morning;

    I was alarmed and disappointed to read your posting about Russell Bennett. He has been a member of my team for the past eight years and left under his own accord for a job elsewhere. I thank him for his service on the waterways and wish him very well in his new role. Please remove any suggestion that his employment was terminated – it most certainly was not. He leaves having served the waterways loyally for which he should be congratulated.

    Paul Griffin
    Enforcement Operations Manager
    Canal and River Trust

    We wish Russell Bennett the best in his new position and hope he manages to perform his new role with the sensitivity and gentle hand he brought to waterways enforcement