Letter to Bathampton Parish Council

One of our correpondents has sent this letter to the Clerk of Bathampton Parish Council following publication of these allegations by Keith Rossiter on this site.

We eagerly await their reply.

Dear Mr Brimstone,

It has recently reached my attention that Keith Rossiter, of Bathampton Parish Council, has in a formal way made the following allegation against un-named boaters on the Kennet and Avon canal within Bathampton Parish.

These allegations, made in the minutes of a meeting between representatives of your council and British Waterways, attended on your behalf by Mr Rossiter who also prepared and signed the minutes, are that ‘liveaboard’ boaters;

“freely dispose of human waste and every other manner of trash in whatever location they choose”,

and that they;

“threaten anyone who chooses to call attention to the situation”.

These are two amongst other allegations made in the same minutes and in protracted correspondence between Mr Rossiter and British Waterways by email.

You will appreciate that these are very serious allegations involving breaches of the criminal law.

Can you please confirm that these allegations are the true position of Bathampton Parish Council as made by your representative to the body with the responsibility of managing the canals and that the intention is for British Waterways to take action over these offences.

Can you also confirm that Mr Rossiter is authorised to speak on behalf of Bathampton Parish Council to British Waterways and that the correspondence he has had with them is on behalf of, and the true voice of, the Parish Council.

Thank you for you prompt attention to this matter.

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One Response to “Letter to Bathampton Parish Council”

  1. KevThePipe MonsterID Icon KevThePipe says:

    Is this letter anonymous? Who’s holding their hand up to writing it?