Local mooring strategy latest

The K&A Local Waterways Partnership Moorings Sub-Group has held two meetings so far, on 26th October and 19th November. It is due to carry out a final review of the proposed mooring plan before putting it out to consultation to the organisations and communities represented in the Sub-Group. These are liveaboard boaters; hire boat companes; cruising clubs; anglers; parish councils in the Limpley Stoke Valley, and local authorities.

The Moorings Sub-Group will meet again at the beginning of December to finalise the Mooring Plan and to decide what consultation will take place. It is expected that each group represented on the Moorings Sub Group will be consulted, that is, boaters, anglers, hire boat companies etc.. The members of the Moorings Sub Group are: Alida Robey (independent facilitator, from Bristol Community Resolve), Andrew Harry (liveaboard boater), Emma Fearnley (boating trade representative, from Newbury Boat Company), Ken Oliver (Wiltshire Council’s Canal Officer), Richard Wright (Claverton Parish Council), Sandra Fry (Canal Taverners Cruising Club) and Terry Fell (National Federation of Anglers).

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