Please give generously to crowdfunder for challenge to CRT Boat Licence Terms and Conditions proposals

A coalition of concerned boaters and groups including the National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA) is crowdfunding to start the process of a legal challenge to CRT’s proposals to change the Boat Licence Terms and Conditions. The changes CRT wants to make will have a far-reaching and adverse effect on all boaters, and especially those who depend on the waterways for their home.

Please would you help to keep the appeal going so they reach the target? Please give £15, or any amount you can, on:

Or share the link on Facebook, Tweet, re-Tweet, send emails or post it on a blog.

Or spread the word in any other way possible (eg to friends and family who are active on social media, through a blog or by email). This will make a big difference in helping liveaboard boaters and the wider boating community to ensure that CRT’s boat licence customers are protected. Thank you.

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