Working Tax Credit to end in 2014

If you are working on a low income, as many liveaboard boaters are, make sure that you claim Working Tax Credit now, especially if you are self-employed. Working Tax Credit will be phased out next year. It will gradually be replaced with Universal Credit under the Government’s ‘welfare reform’ programme. No new claims for Working Tax Credit will be accepted after 5th April 2014. Self-employed people on low incomes will be considerably worse off under Universal Credit. You can claim Tax Credits if you are employed, self-employed or if you earn an income from both employment and self-employment.

Even if your income is too high to qualify at present, it is possible to make a ‘protective’ claim for Working Tax Credit if you anticipate that your income may drop after April 2014. The maximum amount of Working Tax Credit that a single person can claim is £2,710 per annum if they are working 30 or more hours per week and earning up to £6,420. If your income is between £6,420 and around £10,000 you can still claim a lower amount of Working Tax Credit. Parents can also claim Child Tax Credits; these will also be phased out.

Claims for Working Tax Credit should be made by post on a form which is available from the Tax Credits Helpline on 0345 300 3900. For more information on claiming Tax Credits see

The phasing out of Tax Credits is part of the Government’s welfare reform plans that will see most benefits and tax credits replaced by Universal Credit. This will operate very differently from the current benefit system. For example, it will involve some working claimants who currently receive Housing Benefit, Tax Credits and other benefits being subject to requirements to take steps to increase their income. Those who already receive Tax Credits and Housing Benefit will have their benefits gradually transferred to the new system between 2014 and 2017.

For more information on welfare benefits, Universal Credit and welfare reform see:

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  1. Oldie MonsterID Icon Oldie says:

    government press release of 10 July says

    Universal Credit will expand to 6 new Jobcentres starting from October 2013. The following Jobcentres will be included:

    ** Bath**

    The Claimant Commitment will also roll out to all Jobcentres from October with all Jobcentres moving to the new universal commitment regime.

    Access to digital services will be improved so that jobseekers will become used to claiming their benefit online. Across Jobcentres 6,000 new computers will be installed for claimants to use. This will offer support and training for claimants.

    Guardian report says Univerasl credit is in chaos