Parish Council apologises for not consulting boaters

Alton Parish Council has apologised for not talking to boaters about its efforts to prevent boats mooring in Honey Street. “We should have discussed this with boaters first” said the Parish Clerk Charles Reiss. Mr Reiss also expressed the Parish Council’s support for Moonboats (formerly Gibson’s) and clarified that it was only seeking to prevent mooring between the Barge Inn and Honey Street bridge, and not anywhere else. He added “of course I know there is prejudice about boaters. Please accept that I want no part of it, nor does the Parish Council. We are concerned about the minority who sometimes spoil it for the rest. You must be sick of hearing that argument but, sadly, it is a fact, and our proposal is purely aimed to avoid any friction and keep relations good.” Three representatives of local boaters have been invited to talk to the Parish Council in advance of the meeting.

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