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Boat to rent

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

A lovely 30 foot 1932 classic gentleman’s launch to rent, long term. Warm, dry and comfortable.

Would suit one person or possibly a couple. Preferably someone who has experience of boating and living off-grid.

Cruising in the Bath / Bradford area.

£280 per month.

Enquiries in the first place to


Wanted – Boat to rent

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Mature woman with funds looking to rent a boat.

Contact Indian Pete 07787 993140

“I wish to rent a boat to live on in order to find out if I would like to go ahead and buy one, having never lived in one before it seems the sensible option.
I am not too fussy but obviously would like the best I can get! Space enough to sleep 2 minimum, hopefully more, although it will be single occupancy. I am willing to look at anything that is on offer… the easier it is to run and keep dry and warm the better. I would like to reside outside Bath. I am thinking of about 6 months and I do have money to cover my rent within reason. I am extremely responsible and will contribute positively to any community I live in, am also into looking after our Mother Earth, am female, 58yrs old, and just returned from living in India.”