Quiet zone for Wilcot

Residents, boaters and CRT agreed last week that there was a case for making parts of Wilcot on the Long Pound a Quiet Mooring Zone. The Pewsey Canal Action Group’s second meeting on 2nd October 2014 concluded that there was no need for any 48-hour moorings in the village as there is always space for boats to moor.

There are currently two quiet zones on the K&A, at Honey Street and Avoncliff. Reports from Alton Parish Council are that the one at Honey Street is working well. The quiet zone at Avoncliff was put in place following complaints from local residents about noise and disturbance from hire boats, especially stag parties. Quiet zones are advisory rather than compulsory, but in some circumstances local authorities can take action against noise nuisance.

Matthew Symonds of CRT told the meeting that a Considerate Boating leaflet had been distributed on the western K&A, especially to hire boat companies’ customers, and will also be distributed on the eastern side of the canal. It includes information about who to contact about incidents involving hire boat crews.


The meeting covered many other topics including car parking at Stanton St Bernard and the lack of toilet facilities during fishing matches. The purpose of these twice-yearly meetings is to resolve problems between canal-side residents and boaters in the Pewsey area. The next meeting will be next April or May. You can read the minutes of the first two meetings here

190614 Updated Notes from meeting to discus canal issues with Parish Councils

021014 Notes from meeting to discus canal issues with Parish Councils

Here is the considerate boating leaflet

K&A East Good behaviour guide – Final

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