Important – please respond to CRT’s boat licensing review consultation by 18th December 2017

Boaters may have received an email or a letter from CRT with a link for the consultation questionnaire for CRT’s review of boat licensing.

This consultation contains two proposals to increase the cost of a boat licence without a home mooring. There is no legal justification for this. Increasing the licence fee for boaters without a home mooring will drive some of our community off the canal and into homelessness.

Please complete the consultation questionnaire opposing any increase in the licence fee for boats without a home mooring and for widebeams. The most important questions are 24, 25 and 26 (increases in fees without a home mooring) and 1 (increased fees for widebeams). Also important are question 14 (proposals to get rid of the prompt payment discount that many rely on to make the licence affordable) and question 27 (phasing in any increases over a set period).

Here is a short example consultation response with the tick boxes filled in  Example response CRT licence review. It does not include answers to the questions that ask for suggestions, opinions and comments. We will circulate a more complete example consultation response and analysis of the proposals as soon as possible. The consultation ends at midnight on Monday December 18th 2017, so if you wish to wait for the the full suggested consultation response, you will still have enough time to get your questionnaire in before the deadline.

If you need a paper copy of the survey, you can get one by phoning CRT’s main number 0303 040 4040 then Option 3. Also phone CRT if you have not received a link to the survey and you want a link to complete it online. However you may be able to complete the survey online using this link without needing to wait for CRT to send you a link:

There is a blank copy of the questionnaire to download here Print version CRT survey 1.1doc if you need to read it through and think about the questions before you respond or if you want to print it and fill it in by hand.

If you need to discuss this consultation, please contact 07928 078208 or

CRT Enforcement Team headed by Denise Yelland celebrates its re-branding as Boat Licence Customer Support with a group photo

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