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Remember the petition? The one that goes “Help Stop British Waterways from denying boater’s legal mooring and destroying boating communities”.

The one that we gave out at the meetings about the consulations? Well now the consultation is out of the way and spring is coming fast, boaters can be seen poking their noses out of their cabins like myopic meerkats and talking with people in the community and on the towpath. It is time to get this petition organised and presented amidst fanfare and much publicity to British Waterways.

If you have a petition gathering dust, then take it out to all your friends, relations and random passers by and get it signed. When the petition forms are full they can be returned to the Canal Tavern in Bradford, to Tom at Harvest in Bath or to one of us directly.

The cover page of the petition is here with a blank page for signatures. Copies of the blank page are here.

You can, and we invite you to, sign the petition online here.

“ We object to BW introducing further time limited mooring restrictions in the Bath to Bradford-on-Avon area. We support the cruising boat people and their legal right to moor for 14 days without harassment. ”

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neil unwin,
British Waterways have made a rod for their own backs with their inconsistent approach to enforcement on the canal. More 48 hr moorings will make life difficult for law-abiding boaters, whilst current form shows that they will be unable to deal with any abuses of these moorings in any case. BW have all the power they need at the moment, they just need to focus on the basics rather than running pointless anti-boater crusades, and pandering to the complaints of a small but vociferous minority of local residents. Boaters pay these people their wages, and should be treated with the respect that deserves.

Peter Underwood,
BW's actions smack of persecution of a minority and should be fought by all.



Chris Pierssene,

David Thomas,

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