Meeting for boaters on ‘restricted’ licences, 12th April, Avoncliff

There will be a meeting on Tuesday 12th April, 7pm to 9pm, at the Cross Guns, Avoncliff BA15 2HB for all boaters without home moorings who have been put onto 3 or 6 month ‘restricted’ licences by CRT and for those who have been threatened with restriction or non-renewal of their licence.

Boaters have found the previous meetings very useful. Many of those who attended have children at school and there seems to be a strong correlation between boaters whose licences have been ‘restricted’ by CRT and boat dwellers with children at school. The purpose of the meeting is to continue to discuss and decide the following:

Whether this enforcement action by CRT is lawful
How we can uphold our children’s rights to education
What political action we can take against this threat to our homes, family life and our children’s schooling
What else we can do to pressure CRT to change its policy

We hope to see you there. For more information contact 07928 078208 or

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