Boater starts petition for better K&A facilities

Boater Andrew Pinney has started a petition calling on CRT to carry out a comprehensive review of sanitary, water and rubbish facilities on the K&A, which he says are much worse than on most other CRT waterways. You can sign the petition here

The petition says:

We require Richard Parry and Mark Evans jointly to undertake a review of the Water points, Elsan toilet disposal points, rubbish disposal, and recycling facilities on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

The review should encompass the whole of the canal including the eastern end and particularly the stretch between Bedwyn and Tyle Mill where currently it is possible to cruise for at least three days without all these facilities being available, accessible or in working order. That is a distance of over twenty-five miles, thirty-four locks and twelve moveable bridges.

The review should take due consideration of any legal and or moral requirements including compliance with Environmental Protection Act 1990 the Duty of Care, Disability Discrimination Act 2004, 2010 and other relevant legislation. The result of the review must be published to all users, clubs, societies, organisations, trade, county and local authorities. The review will not be considered to be complete unless it contains written commitment and timescales for the provision of all identified requirements and remedial actions.

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